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Indoor Plant Care - how does it work?


Love Your Plants

Munash Organics Indoor Plant Care Range

Everyday at Munash Organics we celebrate life. Human life, plant life and soil life.

Made with love from our family to yours.

Step One - Healthy Soil:

Munash Indoor Plant Soil Food is made specifically for indoor plant potting mix soil. This gentle blend has an abundance of minerals which will nourish the soil to help your plants thrive. The minerals feed all the goodness, bacteria, and microbes in your potting mix to ensure your indoor plants have the happiest home. Building a strong soil foundation is key to growing healthy plants.

Step Two - Healthy Plants:

Munash Indoor Plant Seaweed Tonic is a lush seaweed concentrate which you simply add to water to support indoor plants to grow and thrive. Made from sustainable Australian Bull Kelp with added plant growth minerals, this tonic is perfect to encourage the ongoing growth and health of your indoor plants.

Step Three - Healthy Foliage:

Munash Indoor Plant Foliage Spray is a gentle formula made from sea minerals and is perfectly balanced to care for the leaves and foliage of your indoor plants. A gentle spray each fortnight and your plant foliage will become greener, stronger and healthier.

Best Together:

When the soil, plants and foliage are fed together with the Munash Organics Plant Care Range, you will have healthier plants and less problems with pests and disease.

Like a Taco Night on a Tuesday, these products are designed to be used together. Holistically created to give you healthy soil, healthy plants and healthy foliage. Making you the ultimate happy plant parent!



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