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Garden Care

Certified Organic | 100% Natural | Easy to Use | Sustainable

Step 1.

Revitalize - Organic Compost


Add your compost to your existing soil to get the structure and the home right for all the glorious food, bacteria and microbes that help keep your plants happy.


Munash Organic Compost “Revitalize” – is a certified organic compost comprising of all the good things of food and green waste. It is a mineral rich compost, free from chemicals and pesticides to supply the soil with the organic matter it deserves.  It’s like the perfect little black dress or a cold craft beer and fried chicken.


Directions – one bag covers 5m2, just blend over the top of your existing soil.


Fun Fact – We make a rad compost – we actually want you to make your own too! To turbo charge your homemade compost add a handful of Rockdust to it on a monthly basis. The Rockdust feeds all the microbes and bacteria to break it down faster. Put your waste to good use.

Step 2.


Rockdust - Soil, Plant & Compost Mineral Food


Put the good stuff in for an awesome return! Munash Rockdust enriches natural earth minerals into your garden soil. A unique blend of specially sourced Australian basalt and granite particles, combined with a natural plant stimulator. This stimulates your soil’s natural micro-biology, leading to healthier, stronger plants that, in turn, contain more beneficial nutrients.


It restores balance in your soil, creating a perfect harmony for your plants.  It’s like us eating the perfect balanced nutritious diet full of all the good stuff.  If we nourish our bodies, we feel better, our immune systems are stronger and we shine. 


Rockdust is a perfectly balanced diet for soil. Feed the soil, and then the plants will thrive.


Directions – add one handful per sqm over the top of your existing garden beds.  Sprinkle a bit in the hole prior to planting to give your plants and extra hit of nourishment.


Fun fact – the only way we get minerals in our bodies is if they are present in the soil where we grow food. So feed your soil with Rockdust when planting your food crops and you will be healthier and happier too.

Step 3.

Renew - Mineral Liquid Fertiliser

The minerals from the sea help the plants to connect to the minerals of the earth. Liquid minerals are absorbed quickly which helps the plants become stronger to pests and disease, and they can tolerate frosts and harsh changes to the climate better.


Munash Renew is a mineral liquid fertiliser made from the Southern Ocean Sea water containing trace elements and minerals which your plants love. Think of Renew like your favourite moisturiser – fresh, shiny leaves are to plants as healthy, glowing skin is to people! 


Directions – ½ capful in a watering can or a dash in a spray bottle. Add Munash Renew to your foliage / seedlings / or soak your seeds overnight before you plant them.


Fun fact – like a bazillion years ago our earth was frozen, and when it all thawed out some minerals we preserved in the earth and oceans.  When you apply Rockdust and Renew you harness nature -  feeding the earth with all the minerals she craves.

That’s it.  Three simple steps and we guarantee your garden will not only flourish but thrive.


Made with love from our family to yours.

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