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Indoor Plant Care Bundle - The Bigger Essentials

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Munash Organics has a truly amazing and very simple plant care routine that will achieve the very best results for your indoor plants. We bring together nature and nutrient rich mineral products which are safe, effective and beautiful to use.

Our secret - lush minerals.

Included in this bundle is our signature 3 step of products which are designed to work together, just like nature intended.

Healthy Soil: Our Soil Food - feeds the soil/potting mix with 67 life giving nutrients and minerals derived from the earth for the earth.

Healthy Plant: Our Seaweed Tonic/Plant Food - feeds the plant with 40 minerals, growth hormones, auxins, enzymes and lush plant giving nutrients. Minerals derived from Australian Bull Kelp.

Healthy Foliage: Our Foliage Spray - it's just like a good skin routine, what you put on your skin really matters. Our Foliage spray hydrates the foliage and gently feeds the foliage with lush mineral nutrients. Minerals from the ocean.

Bundle includes -

1 x MO Indoor Plant Soil Food 400g

1 x MO Indoor Plant Seaweed Tonic/Plant Food 500ml

1 x MO Indoor Plant Foliage Spray 1 Litre

RRP = $76.50 when bought as individual items

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Australian Made
Organic Mineral Plant Care and Soil Nutrition.

Derived from the earth and sea

Mineral nutrition products made for indoor and outdoor gardens.

Healthy Soil, Healthy Plants & Healthy Foliage

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