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The Munash Organics team holds a rich collaborative brain bank of decades of gardening know how, experience with organics, and regenerative agriculture wisdom which we are itching to share with you all.

We applaud the hobbyists, the creators, the risk takers, the compost lovers, the soil stewards, the scientists, the herbal medicine lovers, the green anarchists. We hold aloft on our shoulders the crazy indoor plant ladies (and men!), the rampant seed savers, the beginners, the eco warriors, the permaculturalists, our fellow friends of the earth.

We want to take you on a green journey that will change your life and gardening styles (indoors and in the great outdoors). We want to show you how healthy mineral rich soils that are balanced will grow you the very best healthy plants you and your family/housemates will enjoy. We want to nourish you, your soul and your world.

In a quest to be amongst the forerunners of research and industry, we are continually exploring new approaches to gardening and organics, along with wholesale market production that complement natural environments, enhance ecosystem function and improve livelihoods. We appreciate, respect and work with nature and the environment.

We stand by our planet, and we stand by you.


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We balance the soil so things grow naturally the way nature intended. We call ourselves a Soil Health company, not just a fertiliser company!

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