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How to be a Soil Eco Warrior in your own backyard

What if we told you not only growing food in your own backyard will help save the planet but HOW you choose to grow it can exponentially save it even more?

Well the excellent news is it is possible. The fundamental key to it is that we are all contributing to the restoration of carbon back into our planet merely by planting things in our soil. Incredible right?! Yep, doesn’t take much to be an Eco Warrior in your own backyard. And the best bit…it is easy.

So how does this work?

A little bit of magic happens when you grow plants and trees. The process of growing acts as a catalyst for drawing down a lot of CO2 from the atmosphere into our soil via our plants and trees, a process called sequestering carbon. It also restores soil health and fertility when we grow things, not to mention looking aesthetically pleasing, plus all the other benefits to humans and the planet gardening brings. This is sequestering carbon is vital for our planet’s future. Seriously vital.

Why is this happening and why does the soil need our help?

Our planet is in a little bit of strife. The population is increasing, which means the demand for our water usage has also gone up, and all the while climate change is causing the planet’s temperature to also continually warm up. And with odds like that stacked against us the fact that sadly rainfall is declining adds another catastrophic element to the overall picture. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out that all of that devastation equates to real problems for our planet and more specifically our soils. You only have to listen to the news about increasing presence of bushfires and drought to know this issue is speeding up, not slowing down. Which is another reason for us all to choose to garden with heart and thought than just plonking plants in the soil without a care behind it. It’s evident that if we carry on doing that, there won’t be a planet for future generations to care for. Not so fun fact and a harsh reality check: there is some really robust debate from leading scientists saying that we only have about sixty years left of soil that is fertile under our feet if we don’t regenerate it. Sixty years. That is nothing and will go in the blink of an eye. So, it is up to all of us to choose to be Soil Stewards. And that goes beyond producers, farmers etc, it means we gardeners too.

So how can you help?

For us, regenerative gardening means prioritising organic soil health and focussing on remineralisation over any other methods. What organics you take from the soil we recommend you put twice as much back. Which is why we spend all of our time and energy here at Munash Organics on developing organically certified tested and proven products that help the planet and why we are so fiercely passionate about it.

Regenerative agriculture is finally getting the time in the spotlight it deserves. Supporters and practitioners know that this is the way forward and we here at Munash Organics are behind the movement 100% of the way. You see, on our own farm here in Pootilla just ten minutes out of Ballarat in Central Victoria, this is how our family have been farming for decades now. And with the proven results in both yield plus a deep satisfaction that we are doing out bit for Mother Earth to ascertain we’d never farm any other way.

Why choose to be a soil steward?

As mentioned, it’s not just up to farmers to take the full responsibility in regenerating our soil, we need to look at our own backyards too. The fact that regenerative farming (and yes gardening too) can help slow the rate of global warming alone should get you out there caring more for your soil. Rodale Institute research recently proved that replacing conventional farming methods with regenerative agriculture would enable us to sequester 100% of the annual global carbon emissions. To us it’s a no brainer – Regenerative Ag all the way!

Makes you want to run out and plant a million trees, flowers, herbs and veggies doesn’t it? Well go on, we aren’t going to stop you! In fact we will encourage you all the way. Hint: Be sure to follow the Munash Organics online community for all the tips & tricks to organic and regenerative gardening.

How do we achieve it in our own backyards?

It’s worth noting that there are a variety of gardening methods which are equally good for the earth including Organic Gardening, Biodynamic, Permaculture, No Dig, etc…all regenerative methods we consider wonderful for our earth, and figure it’s best you choose what works best for your own gardening ethics. And if you aren’t a massive gardener, maybe the way forward is to hunt down your local producers & growers who do take so much time to care for their soil and buy your food from them as a statement that you believe in sustainable ethical growing practices? Just know that whatever movements you make and choosing to do them NOW will put your best step forward to restoring the planet and righting the wrongs of those who haven’t cared for our earth. Inch by inch, little by little - we all have a small part to play in what is a big picture problem. If we all make better choices towards supporting regenerative growing either from your own gardening or where you choose to purchase your produce, we promise it will impact the planet, of that we are certain. Never doubt that there is power in what you choose. They say the grass is greener, where you water it.

Munash Organics believes in creating an environmentally sustainable future.

All our products are 100% Natural, Certified Organic Input.

Every day at Munash Organics, we celebrate life. Human

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