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What is Rockdust / Rockminerals? And why is it so good for your soil?

Put the good stuff in for an awesome return! Munash Rockdust enriches natural earth minerals into your garden soil. A unique blend of specially sourced Australian basalt and granite particles combined with a natural plant stimulator. This stimulates your soil’s natural micro-biology, leading to healthier, stronger plants that, in turn, contain more beneficial nutrients.

It restores balance in your soil, creating a perfect harmony for your plants. It’s like us eating the perfect balanced nutritious diet full of all the good stuff. If we nourish our bodies, we feel better, our immune systems are stronger, and we shine.

Rockdust is a perfectly balanced diet for soil. Feed the soil, and then the plants will thrive.

Fun fact – the only way we get minerals in our bodies is if they are present in the soil where we grow food. So feed your soil with Rockdust when planting your food crops and you will be healthier and happier too.

What is Rockdust?

Rockdust is a soil conditioner

What is MUNASH ORGANICS Rockdust?

It is a high quality and premium soil, plant and compost mineral food.

It works by adding in a balanced array of minerals to your soil, garden or compost bin. The best way to explain it is, just how we need to eat the full array of vegetables, fruits, proteins, nuts and carbohydrates for our own wellbeing, well Rockdust is this for soil.

Rockdust also known as Rockminerals, are a blend of volcanic minerals. Munash developed it’s own signature blend of volcanic minerals 20 years ago, which our formula is unique and different. It’s made from granite and basalt blended together harmoniously with a natural plant stimulator.

The basalt promotes healthy above ground growth, giving life to the plant structure and the granite promotes below ground growth assisting the root system to flourish and the soil structure to open and to conserve more moisture. In essence Rockdust is a regenerative soil addition which works to help the plants draw and store carbon from the atmosphere.

Why are volcanic minerals key to soil health?

Minerals are simply the “spark plug” to soil health. The reason we spend so much time adding fertilisers to our soil is we are adding some source of minerals back to the soil. But what if you added 67 trace minerals to your soil?

For all newbie gardeners – Rockdust is the perfect product to get started. Its an all-purpose soil conditioner, and because it is so simple to use we generally find newbie gardeners love it. They cannot falter with Rockdust.

For anyone growing food in their own back yard – whilst blood and bone and general fertilisers are great, Rockdust really comes in to it’s own in food production. Did you know the only way to get minerals in our bodies so we are healthy and fit, is that they must be present in the soil in which the food is grown. So, for all food production, a handful of Rockdust is not only a fantastic soil conditioner but it is an important role in making nutrient dense food, improves the taste and structure of food. You know that saying that apples don’t taste like they use to, well that’s because our soils have been depleted over time. Make sure your customer who is growing food, has Rockdust as a tool in their food production system.

Are you new to gardening? – then Rockdust it the perfect all rounder

Do you cares about your health and wants to grow sustainable food? – then Rockdust is the best way to grow your own fruit and vegetables in mineral rich soil

Are you having issues with your compost, not breaking down quick enough? – add a handful or Rockdust to feed the microbes to break down the compost faster

Do you care about the environment? – Rockdust is used in regenerative farming and permaculture gardening practices which remineralise the soil, conserves more carbon and increases soil and plant health.

Are you having issues with a particular veggie or fruit tree not growing? – along with a particular amendment to solve the issue also add a handful of Rockdust. When veggies and fruit trees suffer it is because they don’t have the balance nutrition they require. So just how we would go to the doctor to get help for an illness, this also needs to be supported by eating a balanced and nutritious diet. Rockdust is the balanced and nutritious diet for soil and plants.

If in doubt – you can’t overfeed with Rockdust, you won’t burn your plants, so by adding a bit of Rockdust to your garden beds – the soil and plants will always thank you!

How to use?

Directions – add one handful per sqm over the top of your existing garden beds. Sprinkle a bit in the hole prior to planting to give your plants and extra hit of nourishment.

It can be used as a stand alone product. No need to dig it or even water it in. Set and forget, the Rockdust will work it’s on magic and will draw in to the soil naturally.

Or you can add compost to the mix. Now you are going to turn it up and make the Rockdust work quicker, as Rockdust and microbes are best friends. Simply one wont’ work with out the other. So by adding compost, you are adding fresh microbes, and organic matter in which the microbes digest the rockminerals and take the rich minerals to the roots of the plants over and over, that is how they plants are fed slowly and over again, also know as slow release.


Absolutely yes. Whilst we don’t specifically mine the minerals, we do specifically test and choose the minerals sources that are harnessed direct for pure volcanic mineral deposits which have already been mined by the quarry for different products, yet we take this byproduct and turn it into green mineral goodness.

No animal products. No chemicals. Certified organic.



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