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Autumn days are hazy crazy fun days spent raking up leaves, rolling in the leaves, admiring the leaves, repurposing the leaves for compost, adding leaves to worm farms, or spreading out on garden beds as mulch. Yep, as you might’ve guessed, when it comes to Autumn the Munash Organics team turns their thoughts to a Next Level Leave-filled Autumnal Wonderland.

But leaves aside, given Autumn starts in March in Australia and goes through to end of May, temperatures and conditions really fluctuate during these months. From hot March days at the tail end of Harvest, to cooler temps that has everyone suddenly breaking out the woollies. So too does the garden have diverse needs during this period.

Autumn is a great time in the garden. Days tend to be clear in early Autumn allowing more time in the patch to appreciate those late harvests of your Summer crops which will be just about ready to go into dormancy. Also present are those patches of cooler weather for those in our southern states to rake up all those incredible life-giving Autumn leaves we spoke about earlier from about April/May onwards.

Whilst you might think the garden goes to sleep in Winter, there still is a bunch of things you can do to prepare for the best Winter Garden ever.


Ok, you love all those magical golden Autumn leaves falling from the trees, creating an epic Autumnal scene right? That there is 100% free organics nature raining down on you my friend, so scoop them up and add them to your garden beds direct as a mulch. If you are lucky enough to have many trees, it will provide a blanket of mulch for most of the year ahead. If you have leftovers chuck some in your worm farms, compost bays or bins or create a little leaf compost in a bag with some blood and bone to help decompose it and chuck it under a tree or in the shed for a year and it will become lovely leaf mould for your soil in about 9 to12 months. Mulch serves many purposes – it feeds the soil as it breaks down (especially Autumn leaves which really are nutrient gold for the soil), it means you water less as it stops water evaporation, but it also prevents weeds growing and competing for the soils nutrients with your plants.


Winter is synonymous with Brassica season. Brassicas are Cauliflower, Cabbage, Brussels Sprouts, Collard Greens, Kale and Turnips, and grow best in cooler seasons, make sure you apply Munash Organics Rock Minerals to the soil so the winter veg is fed and healthy soil is growing. This particular family are very hungry feeders so soil prep for your soil is really important. Make sure you use loads of compost and manure, more than you would usually use for other plants when you are preparing beds for Brassicas. Munash Organics Revitalise will provide all your composting needs for your beds at this time of year and have all the nutrients Brassicas love to feed on.

Bare-rooted fruit trees

Whilst Winter feels like not as much garden activity occurs due to cooler soils generating less produce, Winter to us always signals bare-rooted fruit tree planting time. And late Autumn is the key time to prepare your soil for any bare-rooted trees you will be planting. An application of Munash Organics Revitalise (our nutrient dense certified organic compost) and Munash Organics Rockdust (our natural soil fertiliser) is recommended a month or so before you head off to the nursery to pick out what bare-rooted fruit you will place into the well-prepared soil. You’ll be feeling smug with having prepped that soil in advance, and your newly purchased fruit trees will love you for it too.

Here at Munash Organics we encourage and assist your Inner Green Goddess (and Gods). We have developed quality easy-to-use products for the backyard gardeners which will bring life to all your garden dreams no matter what season.

Munash Organics range is certified organic and safe to use around kids, humans and pets plus will ensure your flowers



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