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Soil & Agriculture

The Munash philosophy is to simplify agriculture with a natural, sustainable and holistic approach and it starts with your soil.   Soil regeneration is the key to our future.  We need healthy mineral rich soils that are balanced so that we can grow healthy plants. Regenerative farming practices keep the carbon in the soil, where it builds over time. In turn, carbon and mineral-rich organic matter feeds healthy plants. 

Munash Organics offers our growers a range of Bio-Fertiliser that are providing changes in the soil that are fundamental to a more sustainable and regenerative future. Learning how we care for the earth that feeds us is crucial. Think of the soil as your friend. With friendships, the more you feed it and put into it, the more it flourishes. Ignore it, and it withers.

We are passionate about soil health and we aim to create a healthy food system that respects land and animals, and people. 



Soil Remineralisation

Soil Remineralisation promotes the use of natural land and sea-based minerals to restore soils and forests, produce more nutritious food, and remove excess Carbon from the atmosphere.

Soil Remineralisation creates fertile soils by returning minerals to the soil in much the same way that the Earth does: during an Ice Age, glaciers crush rock onto the Earth’s soil mantle, and winds blow the dust in the form of loess all over the globe. Volcanoes erupt, spewing forth minerals from deep within the Earth, and rushing rivers form mineral-rich alluvial deposits. Our products replicate this process.


Regenerative at heart (always)

Regenerative is to restore, renew and to heal.  We believe that everyone is a custodian of the land and soil health. 

Regenerative growing/agriculture is a system of farming principles and practices that seeks to rehabilitate and enhance the entire ecosystem of the farm by placing a heavy premium on soil health. 


At Munash Organics we believe it’s not just up to farmers to take the full responsibility in regenerating our soil, we need to look at our own backyards too. 


Soil Testing

For this to take place we need to analyse the elements within your soil to determine your soils toxicity and nutrient deficiencies.

How we do this

All life forces, be it humans, animals or indeed soil, have their own unique energy pattern.  We analyse those energy patterns allowing us to detect the levels of either deficiencies or excess of each of the major elements in the soil and/or plant.

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