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The National EcoVineyards Program is delighted to be partnering with Munash Organics to provide EcoGrowers with high quality rock minerals for soil and plant health.

Winegrape growers throughout Australia are being supported in their actions to enhance soil health and increase functional biodiversity in their vineyards through the National EcoVineyards program.

To find out more visit This national program is funded by Wine Australia and delivered by Retallack Viticulture Pty Ltd with significant support from regional communities and the Wine Grape Council of South Australia.

The team at Munash Organics are thrilled to be a part of this amazing program. 


Learn more about how Munash Organics can help EcoGrowers.

The Munash Organics philosophy is to simplify agriculture with a natural, sustainable and holistic approach and it starts with your soil. Soil regeneration is the key to our future. We need healthy mineral rich soils that are balanced so that we can grow healthy plants. Regenerative farming practices keep the carbon in the soil, where it builds over time. In turn carbon and mineral-rich organic matter feeds healthy plants.

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