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Love Your Plants

This is our tag line, our motto, our inspiration behind everything we do.

You will find these three words "LOVE YOUR PLANTS"

- on the back of all of our products

- on all of our marketing material and postcards

- on our gift boxes

- right here on our website and blogs

- on everything we create. Always.

But most of all you will find it in the hearts of all of our team, retailers, and you! Because we know you love plants, so we make products that love your plants too!

We print, say & do our LOVE YOUR PLANTS mantra since the day we started back in 2007.

This is our commitment to you. To make sure we always deliver and make products that are simple, easy to use, organic but most of all jam packed full of our signature minerals to give your indoor and outdoor plants all the love they need and more.

We are here to make a difference in how your garden. Because happy plants = happy humans.

LOVE YOUR PLANTS....and we will love you even more.

Made with love from our family to yours.


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