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We plant trees (and more): Happy Earth Day.

Updated: May 6, 2022

Everything is connected:

In 2018, we partnered with 15trees to reduce our carbon footprint and to contribute to projects that we are passionate about.

Every year we sponsor/plant trees in remote locations that contribute to regenerative projects, restoring bushfire sites, biodiversity and indigenous vegetations and supporting community groups. Recognising that everything and everyone is connected.

We are committed to our environmental stewardship in every facet of our business.

- Our ingredients are all sustainably sourced and certified organic

- Our products actively contribute to rebuilding the health of soil and storing carbon

- Our team are active doers and volunteer with local community groups

- We recycle, we grow our own food, we reuse and we give back.

- Our packaging is recyclable – and we are doing more (watch this space)

In 2018 – we contributed trees to volunteers at Westgate Biodiversity in Melbourne, which is a community based not for profit organisation working to improve the inner Melbourne environment and it’s biodiversity with locally indigenous vegetation.

In 2019 – we contributed trees to the Flowerdale project, which was one of the sites from the devastating 2009 bushfires, where the ridges around the Flowerdale have suffered from erosion since their tree cover was restored.

In 2020 – we contributed trees to the Campaspe Valley in Central Victoria, to assist Landcare to aid in their regeneration projects of restoring native vegetation, protecting waterways, preserving and enhancing wildlife habitat.

In 2021 - we are gearing up for tree planting season with 15trees and another local community groups on National Tree Day on Sunday 1st August.

You can read more of our tree planting adventures over here:



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